App for phone to spy and locate destination

Are you worried they are using the phone for disallowed or inappropriate activities?

Mobile Spy helps parents and employers monitor the smartphones and tablets that they own or have proper consent to monitor. They use it to learn about their child's or employee's call information, websites visited, text message activities, photos, GPS locations and more. This unique system logs the activities of your Android OS smartphone or tablet.

Notify your child or employee they will be monitored. Install a small application directly onto your device that they use. The app has an optional icon which can further notify them that they are being monitored. After the software is setup on the monitored phone, it will log an array of phone activities and then insert the information to your account using the Internet. When you want to view results, simply login from any web browser and enter your username and password.

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Smartphone Interface iPhone Version shown This program is loaded directly onto the phone you want to monitor. The interface is accessible by opening the app and entering your username and password. These options can be turned off in the Smartphone Interface. Online Control Panel This is where you login to your account to see the logged results insert by the phone. Accessible from any computer or phone web browser.

This high-tech monitoring software will allow you to see exactly what they do while you are away.

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Are your kids texting while driving or using the phone in all hours of the night? Are your employees sending company property? Do they erase their phone logs? That won't matter because the software does not rely on the phone's internal logging system. This powerful system gives you the ability to monitor activities online in real time. Your logs are safely stored in your secure Mobile Spy account which is accessible from any web browser using your username and password. You can login anytime from any location to view results without needing access to the device.

The activities logged are each described below. All logs can be easily exported to CSV! Unlike anything ever seen in the mobile software industry, this innovation allows you to securely perform LIVE monitoring and control on your smartphone from anywhere. If you choose to purchase the premium app, you can view the device's screen like a television along with a map of the current location instantly.

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Need the ability to have logs sent to your email? You can have selected logs sent at any interval you choose, such as hourly or daily. Lock the Device Lock and unlock the device with an optional siren alarm.

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Do you need to know if your child is sending and receiving text messages that may be inappropriate or cause them to get into trouble? One of the fears for today's parents is that their child may be using the mobile phone for sexting. Sexting is a term that describes text messages that contain explicit language of a sexual nature. Children will be curious about the new information that they are exposed to and might plan to engage in sexual activities.

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  • App for phone to spy and locate destination.

And because of their inexperience, children do not understand the consequences of their actions. How much time does your child or employee spend making phone calls with your mobile phone? Who are they calling and when? With Mobile Spy smartphone monitoring software you can monitor their phone call information. Find out who they call, when they call, and how much time they spend on each call.

Other mobile monitoring software will only give you URLs visited on the default browser and text messages from the app that came with the phone. Mobile Spy has extra features that monitor social media messenger apps such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Now you get a better picture of all the communication channels your children or employees use. One reason why Gmail is so popular is because it is so easy to set up. So easy that your kids may be more inclined to get a Gmail address. The Gmail logging feature will log all the details of incoming and outgoing Gmails.

As a parent you have concerns about who your child is contacting with her mobile phone. Perhaps you know about another child that you don't want your child to contact. Or there could be someone she is contacting who is a stranger to you. You need to know who your child is contacting in order to protect them. Mobile Spy logs all contacts that are saved on the mobile phone.

Every calendar event is logged. Date, time, and locations are logged. All personal tasks created are logged and viewable. The Top Ten Reports feature helps you to quickly identify the most commonly used emails, calls, text messages and websites visited.


Check logs without logging into the control panel. This feature allows you to receive phone activity logs to your personal email address. Suppose your company provides mobile phones to your employees in the field. How do you know if they are traveling to their assigned destinations? Or imagine your child tells you they are visiting a friend's house that you approve but instead goes somewhere you told them not to go.

With Mobile Spy smartphone monitoring software you will know exactly where your employees or children are when they are away. The phone you send the command from will receive an SMS message that will contain the current GPS position and a link to view a map on your phone. Login to your online control panel to view the history of GPS locations with map links.

We also offer an immediate emergency response in the case of a vehicular collision.

Phone permissions allow us to connect your phone to the live representative and authenticate that you are the one calling them. Network - This connects you to the Internet and allows us to send and receive location information to and from family members on your private map. Reviews Review Policy. Thanks for using Life! View details.

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