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The current speed of the internet is present in a numeric form in the lower part of the window. The usage history and data log is also available numerically and can be exported to an Excel sheet. Add ISP restrictions and save a lot on your monthly bill without any extra effort. With BitMeter II, no need to worry about losing data on internet usage and browsing. Instantly view all your present and past network activity with GlassWire on Windows With GalssWire, you can monitor internet usage, data limits and get instant alerts before going over the limit.

Check what the system is doing or processing while it was idle with this internet usage tracker easily. The tool notifies immediately when a new app tries to use the internet and you can block it if required. Set up custom firewall profiles for diverse scenarios and use them accordingly.

Acknowledge what IP address your apps are connecting and the host countries as well with the software on your system. Tons of privacy and security features are present on the tool for you. The BandwidthD software can track the internet and network usage. This internet usage tracker works as a standalone application and as a server also.

12 Best Software to Monitor Internet Usage on Windows 10

By pinging output every seconds, it transmits data to a backend database reported by a dynamic PHP page. The data generated is illustrated on charts by individuals IPs and displays utilization of more than one day. You can easily see the data of 2 days, 8 days, 40 days, and days duration. The multiple sensors, filtering, and custom reports allow you to get a good data display.

Rokario Bandwidth Monitor is easy to install and use for managing the Windows bandwidth and internet usage. This internet monitor is accurate and dependable allowing you to tailor data collection preferences. Rokario is the ultimate internet usage tracker for Windows with nice UI and rich metering features.

Thins Windows bandwidth monitor comes with real-time web and data output as well as third-party app integration to extend its functionality.

How to reset or clear Data Usage in Windows 10

The tool is specially designed to take full benefit of the features present in Windows XP, Vista and 7. The app is quick to configure and one can customize as per their will. It performs low resource usage and does not slow the system performance.


SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager offers cost-effective bandwidth control the data and monitor internet usage. The free Windows data usage meter limits the bandwidth in the manner you specify and allows you to experience an immediate increase in network efficiency.

You can limit the bandwidth for each and every Internet user that give the admin more control over the data usage. For the usage history, you can get a centralized configuration from a single network location with this internet usage tracker. This individual control feature is beneficial for the network to specify data rate and usage allowances. The admin can apply speed throttle rules to specific IP and MAC addresses with no changes to the existing network framework.

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Here are 5 free programs for your Windows PC to help monitor your Internet usage. This is great for readers who are on a student budget, studying abroad on a limited mobile broadband plan. One of the powerful tools, NetBalancer, is a network traffic control and monitoring tool. Using the same, you can monitor the whole system including multiple network adapters and the processes as well as the system services.

What interested me more is its feature to configure priorities and speed limits for processes a premium feature, sadly. Nevertheless, you can set system-wide limits for traffic control, even using the unregistered version. Also, you can check network speed, current connections and detailed traffic analysis for all apps and services. NetBalancer is built with ease and automation in mind — it can load traffic rules as well as priorities and limits from a network file.

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Another amazing feature is you can group local network computers and synchronize their network traffic configuration. Last but not the least, NetBalancer also shows speed graph in the tray icon and its mini-window.

How to Monitor Your Network Usage in Windows 10

Net Guard by Cucusoft is a freeware unlike NetBalancer but offers most of its awesome features. Using the same, you can easily set global network limit and catch any program overusing the bandwidth.

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What I find interesting is its interactive bandwidth usage report , which uses graphs to help you understand the bandwidth use of each program and service. Moreover, it packs in more features like bandwidth usage prediction that forecasts the amount of bandwidth you need in a month.

How To Save Internet Data In Windows 10 - Live Demo - full Explained - Hindi

It also has speed test that calculates the network speed. Another brilliant feature is over-limit notification feature , which notifies when your bandwidth is over and helps you avoid extra charges for overuse. This will free up more bandwidth for your foreground tasks, but could result in the loss of useful app functionality. Automatic sync processes, live tiles and other background network activity will be prohibited, so you might miss out on incoming notifications and real-time content updates.

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