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When you are looking for high-end Android gadgets that offer great efficiency overall, the Samsung Galaxy Note5 definitely needs to be considered. This device is outstanding, although not exactly perfect. It can run numerous apps without a single glitch and utilize all the most advanced features of Spy Phone App. Those models were recalled because they were literally blowing up on their owners. Therefore, the previous model is still the best in its class. The Samsung Galaxy Note5 is solid, reliable, efficient, and has an amazing screen. The biggest drawback of the gadget is the lack of an external memory source.

Simply put, the memory of this device is not extendable, and for a smartphone of this class this is a truly inexcusable fault. The non-removable battery is another issue as heavy use of the efficient device wears it out. Although, it must be noted that the initial battery life is impressive. Using the stylus on your Samsung Galaxy Note5 is easy and comfy, so you can enjoy all the benefits it offers.

However, these features come with a hefty price tag. When compared to the Moto X Pure from Motorola, which also has its large screen as the selling point, the Note5 might seem a bit overpriced.

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The S Pen stylus is plastic and designed for efficiency, so it sits comfortably in your hand. The smartphone definitely looks and feels expensive, which makes it a good choice for those who go for both appearances and overall performance. Lucky you, when you order it preinstalled, the device will be rooted by us and it will update itself as soon as we push the update. All tasks are running steady and stealthy in background.

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Once the device shipped, you will get your login details for our Online Panel. All data and informations from the device will be passed to your account. Just sign in from any web browser on the planet and have a look at all data. Our Online Panel is a modern design and is very responsive.

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So you can even sign in from your mobile or tablet and track the data on the go. Most media files, like images, videos and recordings can be played directly from the browser without the need of additional tools. All of our devices are being shipped with one year license, which you can extend if you desire to.

Please keep in mind to extend your license within the first 30 days after your license is expired. After 30 days it will be trouble to extend your license without getting the device in hands. To give you the full Android Spy Software, and therefore a full Spy Phone experience all devices will be rooted by us and fully preinstalled and presetup. Have a sim card ready on arrival!

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